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Air France Name Change Policy

Air France, the esteemed flag carrier of France, has been a beacon of excellence in the aviation industry since its inception in 1933. As a subsidiary of the Air France–KLM Group and a key member of the SkyTeam alliance, Air France connects millions of passengers worldwide to 201 destinations across 78 countries. The Air France Name Change policy reflects the airline's commitment to passenger convenience and safety. Under certain circumstances, such as changes in marital status or errors made by the airline, passengers can modify their names on flight tickets with ease and minimal cost as elaborated on this page by flyingfarez so that your journey remains as smooth as you anticipated it to be.

Can I change my name on Air France flight bookings?

Absolutely, you can modify your name on Air France flight bookings under certain circumstances. If there's a typographical error in your name, such as a misspelling, you can easily request a correction, usually limited to three characters. This is particularly straightforward if the error occurred during the booking process with Air France or through an authorized travel agent. Additionally, if you've undergone a legal name change due to marriage or divorce, you can submit the necessary documentation, such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree, to facilitate the name change process.

It's important to ensure that your name on the flight ticket matches the details on your identification documents to avoid any issues during check-in and boarding. While changes to your name are possible under these circumstances, it's advisable to reach out to Air France customer service +1-888-701-6847 for assistance, especially for major name corrections or legal name changes, to ensure a smooth and zero-hassle process.

What does the Air France Name Change policy state?

Here's a breakdown of the Air France Name Change policy based on which you can make modifications to your name under the Air France flight tickets:

  • Passengers can request changes to their name on the Passenger Name Record (PNR) under certain circumstances.
  • Transferring names to other individuals or making substantial alterations is generally prohibited, except in legal scenarios.
  • Each name correction necessitates a ticket reissue, and only specific letters can be amended according to Air France guidelines.
  • During the correction process, passengers must provide supporting documents like passports or government-issued photo IDs for verification purposes.
  • Reservations must accurately reflect passengers' first and last names as they appear on their passports.
  • Name change or correction requests must be submitted at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • Name changes due to legal reasons, such as marriage or divorce, require validation through appropriate documents like marriage certificates or divorce decrees.
  • Alterations to gender and date of birth during name corrections are prohibited for security and verification reasons.
  • No name corrections or changes are permitted after the completion of the check-in process.

Following the Air France Name Change Policy ensures that passenger details are accurate and compliant with Air France policies, facilitating a smooth and hassle-free travel experience for all.

How much fee is charged for changing name on Air France flight tickets?

The fee for changing the name on Air France flight tickets varies depending on several factors outlined in their policy. For instance, if you're traveling in the Economy Flexi class, a fee of $200 applies for name changes. Passengers flying in the Biz Saver class are subject to a $150 name change fee, while those in the standard Biz class incur a $100 Air France name change fee.

If you've booked the premium Biz Plus class, the name change fee is notably lower at $55. Moreover, the correction fee also varies across fare types. While there is no accessible correction fee for Economy Basic and Economy Opti fares, passengers in Economy Flexi might face a $150 fee for corrections. Business class passengers may encounter correction fees ranging from $100 to free, depending on the fare type. Understanding these Air France fees allows passengers to plan their travel changes accordingly and ensures transparency in the booking process.

How to change name on Air France reservations?

Here's a simplified guide on how to change the name on your Air France reservations:

  • Go to the Air France official website using your web browser.
  • Look for the "My Booking" option, usually located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Input your booking reference number and last name into the designated fields.
  • Click on the "Find my Booking" button to locate your reservation information.
  • Choose the specific flight reservation you want to modify from the list displayed.
  • Update the name on your reservation, keeping in mind that you can only change up to three letters at a time.
  • Double-check the new name to ensure it matches the details on your passport.
  • If applicable, proceed to pay the Air France name change fee as indicated in the fee schedule.
  • Once the payment is processed, you'll receive a confirmation email confirming the name change on your Air France reservation.

You also have the option to call Air France customer service, +1-888-701-6847 at any hour of the day to get all the modifications done over the call.

What documents are required for changing the name on Air France?

For changing the name on Air France reservations, specific documents are essential for validation. In cases of legal name modifications arising from events like marriage or divorce, passengers must furnish pertinent documentation such as marriage certificates, divorce decrees, court orders, or legal affidavits affirming the name change. These documents serve to authenticate the legitimacy of the requested alteration and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, for minor corrections due to typographical or spelling errors, supporting documents like passports may be necessary during the name alteration process.

These documents help validate the accuracy of the requested changes and ensure alignment between the passenger's travel details and official identification records. By providing the requisite documentation and adhering to Air France's guidelines, passengers can facilitate the smooth processing of name changes, ensuring that their travel arrangements accurately reflect their identity and comply with regulatory standards.

In conclusion, Air France through flyingfarez continues to soar as a leader in the aviation industry, embodying a legacy of excellence and service. Through its robust network, commitment to passenger satisfaction, and flexible policies like the Name Change policy, Air France via +1-888-701-6847 remains dedicated to providing exceptional travel experiences for passengers worldwide. As travelers take to the skies with Air France, they embark on journeys filled with comfort, reliability, and unforgettable moments, ensuring that their travel experiences are nothing short of extraordinary.

FAQs on Air France Name Change

No, Air France typically charges a fee for name changes, which varies based on the fare type and cabin class.

For legal name changes, passengers must submit marriage certificates, divorce decrees, court orders, or legal affidavits validating the name alteration.

Yes, passengers can typically only alter up to three letters simultaneously on their Air France ticket.

No, name changes are not permitted after the check-in process has been completed.

No, the name change fee varies depending on the fare type and cabin class selected by the passenger.

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