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Emirates Airlines Name Change Policy

Emirates Airlines stands as a beacon of luxury and excellence in the aviation industry, offering unparalleled service and connectivity across the globe. Beyond its commitment to passenger comfort, Emirates also prioritizes flexibility and convenience in its policies, including its approach to name changes on flight tickets as elaborated on this page by flyingfarez. Recognizing the occasional need for corrections or updates, Emirates has established a clear Name Change policy.

Can I change my name on Emirates Airlines flight bookings?

Yes, you can request a name change on your Emirates Airlines flight bookings under certain conditions. If you notice a misspelling in your name on the ticket, Emirates Airlines allows for corrections with applicable Emirates name change fees.

It's important to note that while name changes are possible, Emirates Airlines Name Correction Policy does not permit the transfer of tickets to another individual by changing the name on the ticket. Additionally, passengers may need to provide further evidence to support their name change requests, ensuring accuracy and compliance with airline policies and regulations.

What does the Emirates Airlines Name Change policy state?

Here are the key points of the Emirates Airlines Name Change policy:

  • Passengers can correct misspelled names on tickets before the first flight of their journey, subject to fees.
  • Individuals who have legally changed their names can update their tickets at any time during their travel.
  • Emirates does not allow the transfer of tickets to another person by changing the name on the ticket.
  • Emirates may require additional evidence to process name change requests.
  • Passengers can request corrections of up to 4 characters in the first, middle, or last name.
  • Name changes must be completed up to 2 hours before the flight, with specific legal circumstances allowing for first or last name changes.
  • Name changes are not permitted when using Skywards Frequent Flyer Reward accounts to book tickets.
  • Passengers are subject to name change fees and any applicable fare differences.
  • After name corrections, passengers must undergo the Emirates flight check-in process and re-select their seats.
  • To claim a full refund for unused portions of tickets, all flight segments associated with the incorrect name must be canceled before the scheduled departure.

These points outline the Emirates Airlines Name Change policy, providing clarity and guidance for passengers needing to make adjustments to their bookings.

How much fee is charged for changing name on Emirates Airlines flight tickets?

If you discover a misspelling on your Emirates Airlines ticket , you have the option to have it corrected, subject to specific fees and conditions. Here's an outline of the fees applicable in various markets:

  • All markets (excluding EU, UK, Brazil, and India): A fee of USD 30 per ticket is charged for direct bookings through Emirates channels such as the website, ticket offices, or contact centers, as well as bookings made via travel agents or non-Emirates websites.
  • European Union (EU): No charges are incurred if the ticket is purchased within the European Union, including Norway.
  • United Kingdom (UK): No charges apply for tickets purchased within the United Kingdom.
  • Brazil: No fees are applicable if both the point of sale and the origin of the journey are within Brazil.
  • India: No charges are levied for tickets purchased in India.

These fee structures vary depending on the market and the point of sale, ensuring passengers are aware of the applicable charges and exceptions when requesting name corrections on their Emirates Airlines tickets.

How to change name on Emirates Airlines reservations?

Here are the steps to change the name on Emirates Airlines reservations:

  • Visit and locate the 'Manage Your Booking' section.
  • Enter the six-digit booking reference along with the passenger's last name to retrieve your booking details.
  • Once your booking is retrieved, click on the 'Emirates name correction' tab to initiate the process.
  • Enter the accurate name exactly as it appears on the passenger's government-issued photo ID.
  • Proceed to the checkout page to pay the required Emirates name change fee and any fare difference, if applicable.
  • After completing the name correction request, review the details and submit your request for processing.
  • Your Emirates booking will be forwarded for issuance in a similar or higher class of service, depending on availability.
  • Expect to receive a new e-ticket with the corrected name sent to your registered email within 4 hours.

By following these steps, you can effectively change the name on your Emirates Airlines reservations and ensure that your travel details are accurate and up to date. Moreover, you have the option to dial +1-888-701-6847 and talk to a representative of Emirates to change your name under the flight ticket.

All of these points should be kept in mind when you decide to make corrections in your Emirates reservations. Following the rules and regulation will be extremely beneficial. Also, the option to contact a travel expert for changing the name on Emirates tickets by calling +1-888-701-6847 allows passengers to rectify errors or accommodate legal modifications before the scheduled departure time. You can reach out to flyingfarez at any hour of the day to get more information on your flight journeys.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can request a name correction, subject to specific fees and conditions.

Yes, fees vary based on the market and point of sale, ranging from USD 30 per ticket to no charges in certain regions.

No, Emirates Airlines does not allow the transfer of tickets to another individual by changing the name on the ticket.

You can correct misspelled names or make legal name changes, subject to documentation and verification.

Your Emirates booking will be processed for issuance in a similar or higher class of service, and you'll receive an updated e-ticket via email within 4 hours.

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