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Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy

Philippine Airlines, the national flag carrier of the Philippines, boasts a rich legacy spanning decades in the aviation industry. With its headquarters nestled in Pasay, the airline stands as the oldest continuously operating commercial airline in Asia, having taken flight in 1941. As explained on this page by flyingfarez, alongside its renowned service, the airline upholds policies such as the Philippine Airlines Name Change policy, ensuring flexibility and convenience for travelers in modifying their bookings when necessary.

Can I change my name on Philippine Airlines flight bookings?

Yes, you can change your name on Philippine Airlines flight bookings under certain conditions outlined in their Name Change policy. The policy allows for name corrections, ensuring accuracy and alignment with legal documents. Additionally, transposition of foreign names and gender corrections are permitted. It's important to note that the ticket must remain in the name of the passenger to whom it was issued.

The PAL name corrections process typically involves submitting the necessary changes 48 to 24 hours prior to the flight's departure time. However, passengers should review the specific guidelines and procedures outlined by Philippine Airlines to ensure a smooth and hassle-free name change process for their flight bookings.

What does the Philippine Airlines Name Change policy state?

Here are the key points of the Philippine Airlines Name Change policy:
  • Passengers can correct spelling mistakes in their first or last name, including adding or removing letters.
  • The addition of the full form of your name such as "Joe" or "Jonas" to the first name is permitted.
  • Corrections from a maiden name to a married name are allowed.
  • Passengers can use their preferred name if indicated in their passport with an A.K.A (also known as).
  • Transposition of foreign names is acceptable if all names are included.
  • Corrections to the gender appearing on the ticket are allowed.
Additional Details:
  • Middle Name Flexibility: A missing middle name is not a concern as long as the first and last names match the valid legal ID.
  • Ticket Type Influence: The type of ticket affects the name correction procedure.
  • Time Frame for Corrections: Name corrections can be processed between 48 hours and 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure.

How much fee is charged for changing name on Philippine Airlines flight tickets?

Philippine Airlines imposes a fee for changing names on flight tickets, as outlined in their name change policy. The charges vary based on the point of sale and currency conversion. For transactions originating in the United States, passengers incur a name change fee of USD 25. In Canada, the fee amounts to CAD 40, while in Japan, it stands at JPY 2,500. For all other points of sale worldwide, the name change fee is USD 25 or its equivalent in the local currency.

These fees are designed to cover administrative expenses associated with updating passenger details on flight bookings. It's essential for passengers to consider these fees when requesting name changes and to comply with the guidelines provided by Philippine Airlines to ensure a smooth and efficient process. By understanding the applicable charges and following the necessary procedures, passengers can navigate name changes effectively and ensure accurate documentation for their flights.

How to change name on Philippine Airlines reservations?

Here are the steps to change a name on Philippine Airlines reservations:
  • Begin by accessing the official website of Philippine Airlines,
  • Locate and click on the 'Manage Booking' option, typically found on the homepage.
  • Input the required details, including your Booking Reference Number and the Passenger’s Last Name, then proceed.
  • Review the list of bookings associated with your account to find the relevant reservation.
  • Follow the prompts provided on the screen to initiate the name change process.
  • Once the necessary changes have been made, you will receive confirmation via email.

If you encounter any difficulties or require further assistance, do not hesitate to contact Philippine Airlines directly at +1-888-701-6847 to speak with a representative.

What are the things needed for changing the name on Philippine Airlines?

When changing the name on Philippine Airlines, specific documentation is required to support the request. If correcting a misspelling, passengers must present a valid legal ID such as a passport or driver’s license. This documentation serves to verify the accuracy of the requested change. In cases where the name change is due to marriage or divorce, additional legal documentation is necessary.

Passengers must provide official documents such as a marriage certificate or divorce decree to the PAL office. These documents authenticate the legitimacy of the name change request and ensure compliance with legal requirements. By providing the requisite documentation, passengers facilitate the smooth processing of their name change requests and ensure that their flight reservations accurately reflect their updated personal information. It's essential for passengers to adhere to these guidelines to avoid any delays or complications in the name change process.

What is the name change regulation on Philippine Airlines business class?

Generally, Philippine Airlines allows passengers to make minor name corrections or changes to their reservations without incurring significant fees. However, it's essential to note that the specific policies regarding Philippine Airlines business class name changes may vary based on factors such as the type of ticket purchased and any associated restrictions.

Similarly, for those traveling in Philippine Airlines first class, they aim to accommodate name change requests within the parameters of its policies and procedures. By contacting customer service, +1-888-701-6847 and providing necessary documentation, passengers can navigate the name change process efficiently and effectively, minimizing disruptions to their travel plans.

Philippine Airlines via flyingfarez is blending a storied heritage with modern innovation to deliver unparalleled travel experiences. Through its steadfast commitment to passenger satisfaction and adherence to customer-friendly policies like the Philippine Airlines Name Change policy, the airline continues to elevate the standards of air travel. Whether embarking on a domestic journey or exploring global destinations, passengers can trust Philippine Airlines at +1-888-701-6847 to provide not just transportation, but also reliability, comfort, and peace of mind throughout their journey.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can correct misspelled names on your ticket by presenting a valid legal ID such as a passport or driver’s license to support your request.

Passengers must submit a formal request application, the original ticket requiring modification, valid identification proofs reflecting the new name, and legal documents for name revisions.

Yes, you can include a preferred name or nickname on your ticket if it is specified in your passport with an A.K.A (also known as).

Name corrections must be processed 48 hours to 24 hours prior to the flight departure time to ensure timely updates to your reservation.

Yes, name change fees vary based on the point of sale and currency conversion, ranging from USD 25 to USD 40 or its equivalent in local currency.

As long as your first and last name appear correctly and match your valid legal ID, a missing middle name should not affect your ticket validity.

No, name changes cannot be requested after the flight has departed, so it's crucial to address any discrepancies in advance.

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