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Austrian Airlines Reservation Policy

Austrian Airlines is a reputable airline known for its efficient service and commitment to providing a comfortable travel experience. As part of the Lufthansa Group, Austrian Airlines offers a wide range of flights to destinations around the world. The Austrtian Reservations policy as elaborated on this page by flyingfarez provides passengers with flexibility when booking flights, allowing reservations to be made from 72 hours up to three hours before departure depending on the fare type.

What does the Austrian Airlines Reservations policy state?

Austrian Airlines Reservations policy outlines the following points:

  1. Booking Window: You can book flights between 72 hours and three hours before departure, depending on your country of departure and chosen fare.
  2. Rebooking on Earlier Flights: If you have Economy Flex or Business Flex fares within Europe, you can rebook onto an earlier flight on the same day free of charge.
  3. Flight Eligibility: Rebooking is available for flights operated by Austrian Airlines, but not for codeshare flights.
  4. Luggage Restriction: Rebooking at the airport is only available if you’re traveling with hand luggage only.
  5. Seat Availability: Rebooking onto earlier flights depends on seat availability in your specific booking class.
  6. Standby Option: If seats aren't available in your booking class, you can go on standby, depending on seat availability in that class.
  7. Check-In Timing: The check-in cut-off time of the earlier flight applies if you choose to rebook.
  8. Service Centre: HON Circle Members can contact the Service Centre for rebooking and check-in support.

How can I book my Austrian Airlines flight bookings?

Booking your Austrian Airlines flight is a process that can be completed online, over the phone, or through other methods:

  • Visit the Austrian Airlines website and enter your travel details such as departure and arrival cities, dates, and number of passengers.
  • After entering your travel information, review the list of available flights and select the one that best suits your schedule and budget.
  • Choose the fare type that suits your needs, whether Economy, Business, or another class.
  • If you wish, you can add extras such as baggage or seat selection to your booking.
  • Provide the required details for all passengers, including names and contact information.
  • Proceed to the payment section and choose your preferred payment method to finalize your booking.
  • Review all details and confirm your booking. You'll receive a confirmation email with your booking reference and flight details.
  • Alternatively, you can call Austrian Airlines customer service at +1-888-701-6847 to book your flight with the assistance of a representative.
  • You can also book your flight through a travel agent if you prefer personalized service.

By following these steps, you'll be able to book your Austrian Airlines flight easily and get ready for your upcoming trip.

How many cabin classes are available on Austrian Airlines flights?

Austrian Airlines offers passengers three cabin classes on its flights: Economy Class, Premium Economy Class, and Business Class. Each class provides a different level of comfort and service, catering to a variety of travel preferences and budgets.

In Economy Class, passengers can enjoy a comfortable journey with various amenities depending on their chosen fare type. For example, Economy Flex fares offer greater flexibility, including the ability to rebook onto earlier flights within Europe on the same day free of charge. Passengers in Economy Class can also take advantage of Austrian Airlines' in-flight entertainment and dining options, which vary depending on the length of the flight.

Premium Economy Class provides an enhanced experience compared to Economy, offering more spacious seating with greater legroom and additional recline. Passengers in Premium Economy also enjoy upgraded dining options and dedicated check-in services, making for a more relaxed journey.

Business Class passengers, on the other hand, experience a more premium journey with added benefits. These include spacious seating with extra legroom, dedicated check-in counters, and access to exclusive lounges at the airport. Business Class travelers also benefit from priority boarding and baggage handling, ensuring a smooth and efficient travel experience.

By offering these three cabin classes, Austrian Airlines can cater to a wide range of travelers, ensuring an enjoyable and tailored travel experience for every passenger. Whether you choose Economy, Premium Economy, or Business Class, Austrian Airlines strives to provide exceptional service and comfort on every flight.

How much baggage is allowed for my Austrian Airlines flights?

Austrian Airlines Baggage policy provides passengers with specific baggage allowances depending on their cabin class, destination, and frequent flyer status. For carry-on baggage, travelers can bring one item free of charge, such as a coat, umbrella, handbag, or a small camera. Additionally, children up to two years old can bring one baby carrier, child car seat, or collapsible stroller. All carry-on bags must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you and must be lifted without assistance.

In terms of checked baggage, the allowances vary based on your travel class and destination. For flights within Europe and other routes, Business Class passengers can check in 30 kg of baggage, while Economy Class travelers can check in 20 kg. Children under two years old have an allowance of 10 kg. For frequent flyers, additional baggage is allowed, with HON-Circle Members and Senators in Business Class permitted up to 50 kg, and 40 kg in Economy Class.

For flights to and from the USA and Canada, Business Class passengers are allowed two bags weighing up to 32 kg each, while Economy Class travelers can bring two bags weighing up to 23 kg each. Children under two years old can bring one bag weighing up to 23 kg. It is essential to adhere to the weight and size limits to avoid excess baggage fees, and for items exceeding these limits, passengers may need to ship them as cargo.

Is it wise to book seats for Austrian Airlines business class?

Deciding whether to book seats in Austrian Airlines business class requires thoughtful consideration of various factors. Business class offers numerous perks, including more spacious seating, enhanced meal options, priority boarding, and dedicated service. If you prioritize comfort, personalized attention, and amenities, booking business class may be a wise choice.

On the other hand, if your travel needs and preferences align more closely with premium class, it might be worth exploring those options. Austrian Airlines Premium class typically offers luxuries such as deluxe seats, gourmet dining experiences, exclusive lounges, and enhanced entertainment systems at an affordable prices. If these amenities resonate with your travel style and budget, booking first class could enhance your journey and leave you feeling pampered and refreshed upon arrival.

Ultimately, the decision to book seats in Austrian Airlines business class or premium class depends on your priorities, budget, and the nature of your trip. It's essential to weigh the benefits and costs against your personal preferences and travel objectives. You can call +1-888-701-6847 to get detailed info on each cabin class.

Austrian Airlines Reservations policy offers travelers convenience and adaptability in planning their trips. The airline allows passengers to book flights within a flexible window before departure, catering to both short-notice and planned travel needs. The option to rebook on earlier flights on the same day for eligible fare classes adds another layer of convenience, ensuring that passengers can make last-minute adjustments to their schedules with the help of flyingfarez. Austrian Airlines continues to provide a user-friendly booking experience, emphasizing customer satisfaction and smooth travel arrangements.

FFrequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can book flights as late as three hours before departure, depending on your chosen fare type.

Yes, passengers with Economy Flex and Business Flex fares within Europe can rebook to an earlier flight on the same day for free.

Rebooking at the airport is only available to passengers traveling with hand luggage.

If there are no seats available in your booking class, you may be placed on standby for the earlier flight.

No, the free same-day rebooking option only applies to flights operated by Austrian Airlines.

Yes, HON Circle Members can contact the Service Centre for rebooking and check-in assistance.

Bulkhead seats do not have underseat storage during take-off and landing, so consider this when choosing your seat.

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