Can you change your flight time on Frontier Airlines?

Can you change your flight time on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines gives travelers the freedom to modify their flight times when plans change unexpectedly. Whether you need to catch an earlier flight, or need to push back your travel date, the process of adjusting your booking is made straightforward. Frontier provides various options to help you make your changes with ease, from utilizing your account online to speaking with customer service. Find out how you can adjust your flight time on Frontier Airlines and discover the options available to you as explained here by flyingfarez.

Is there a date change policy for Frontier?

Frontier does have a policy for changing the date of your flight. Here's how it works:

  • Make changes before your flight: Any changes to your flight date must be made prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • Pay the difference: When changing your flight date, you'll need to pay any difference in fare and options prices.
  • No residual value: If your new itinerary costs less than your original booking, you won't receive any leftover value from the change.
  • Check cancellation fees: If you cancel your trip instead of just changing the date, you’ll receive the value of your original itinerary minus the applicable cancellation fee and certain carrier charges as a travel credit.

For more specific details or to address unique situations, check Frontier's Contract of Carriage or reach out to their customer service team for personalized help.

What are the steps of changing flight dates on Frontier bookings?

Changing your flight dates on Frontier Airlines is easy when you know the right steps to take. Here's a simple guide to follow, whether you're using the website, app, or via call.

On the Website:

  1. Go to "My Trips/Check-In": Find this section on the website's homepage.
  2. Enter Your Details: Type in your "Last Name" and "Confirmation Code," then press "Search" to find your booking.
  3. Choose "Change Flights": Once your trip details pop up, click the "Change Flights" option.
  4. Follow the Instructions: From here, the system will guide you through the process of making changes to your flight dates.

On the Mobile App:

  1. Download and Open the App: Get the app on your Android or iOS device and open it.
  2. Access Your Booking: Tap the menu icon (the three horizontal lines) at the top left, then select "My Flights."
  3. Retrieve Your Booking: Enter your "Last Name" and "Confirmation Code," then tap "Retrieve" to see your reservation.
  4. Select "Change Flight": Look for this option and follow the prompts to adjust your flight dates.

Following these steps will help you modify your flight dates with Frontier Airlines quickly and efficiently. You also have the option to dial +1 (888) 701-6847 to change your flight ticket over a call.

How to change a Frontier Airlines ticket on the day of travel?

If you need to change your Frontier Airlines ticket on the day you’re scheduled to fly, you have a couple of options. First, if you're a Frontier Miles Elite member, you can take advantage of standby travel, allowing you to catch an earlier or later flight on your travel day, depending on seat availability. Remember, you must stick to your original itinerary, so if you were on a direct flight, you can't switch to one with a stopover. You can make these changes at the airport ticket counter or gate. The downside is that if you miss both your desired and original flights, you'll need to buy a new ticket—Frontier won’t cover additional transportation.

Alternatively, you can opt for same-day confirmed flight changes. This allows you to switch to an earlier or later flight on your travel date. If you’re a Frontier Miles Elite member or you hold a WORKS ticket, this change is free of charge. For other ticket types, there might be a fee involved. Choosing one of these options can help make your travel day more flexible.

How much does it cost to change flights on Frontier?

When you need to change flights on Frontier Airlines, the cost can vary depending on when you make the change. If you can modify your reservation 60 days or more before your flight, there won’t be any extra charge—it's free of cost. This policy is more generous compared to what other airlines offer since you don't have to buy a special fare type to benefit from it.

However, if you're changing your flight between 59 and 7 days before your departure, you'll be charged a $49 fee. Waiting too long to make changes can end up costing you more. If you adjust your flight less than 7 days before departure or on the same day of your trip, the fee jumps to $99. So, if you need to make a switch, it's best to do it as soon as you can to avoid these higher fees. By planning ahead, you can save yourself some money and stress.

How to change flight dates for free with Frontier?

To change your Frontier Airlines flight without paying extra, follow these tips:

  • Make your reservation at least 7 days ahead of your flight to be eligible for the 24-hour free change window.
  • Opting for a WORKS bundle ticket lets you adjust your flight without extra fees and offers other perks.
  • By becoming an Elite-level member, you can enjoy free changes and other exclusive benefits.
  • If Frontier cancels your flight, you can rebook a different flight at no additional cost.
  • Should your flight get rescheduled and the new time doesn't work for you, you can rebook another flight free of charge.
  • Reach out to Frontier customer service team at 1 (888) 701-6847 to explain your situation; they might be able to assist you with free changes.

These strategies can help you avoid change fees and keep your trip flexible without spending more than necessary.

Should there be any confusion, Frontier customer service team is ready to provide guidance. Remembering these tips via flyingfarez and procedures can help keep your travel plans adaptable and cost-effective. Enjoy the convenience of flying with Frontier Airlines and make your trip fit your itinerary perfectly!

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