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All Nippon Airways Cancellation Policy

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is one of Japan's leading airlines, known for its high-quality service and extensive flight network. With international and domestic routes spanning the globe, ANA offers travelers a variety of options for their journeys. As with many airlines, ANA has a comprehensive cancellation policy designed to provide flexibility to its passengers. The policy as elaborated on this page by flyingfarez outlines the process for canceling reservations, any applicable fees, and the conditions under which a refund may be granted. Understanding this policy is important for travelers to make informed decisions and avoid unexpected charges.

What does the All Nippon Airways cancellation policy state?

The All Nippon Airways (ANA) cancellation policy provides guidance on when and how you can cancel your flight and get a refund. Here's what you need to know:

Types of Reservations: Some types of bookings can't be canceled or refunded through the ANA website, such as those with upgraded flights, reservations with multiple travelers if you're only canceling part of the booking, cash-purchased tickets by non-AMC members, travel agency reservations, and bookings made via the Mexican website.

Penalty-Free Refunds: You can request a penalty-free refund if:
  • Your ticket's fare conditions allow for it.
  • ANA cancels your flight.
  • ANA delays your flight for reasons directly related to ANA, and the alternative offered doesn't work for you.
  • You book a ticket to/from the US and cancel within 24 hours, provided you booked at least 7 days in advance through certain ANA channels.

Special Circumstances: If the passenger or an immediate family member dies, a refund can be requested either before or after the flight. You must provide a death certificate to ANA.

Denied Boarding: If you're denied boarding for reasons such as overbooking, you may also be eligible for a refund.

For reservations that can't be handled online, it's best to contact ANA by phone for assistance at +1-888-701-6847.

How much fee is charged for canceling All Nippon Airways flight tickets?

ANA has a cancellation policy that varies depending on how far in advance you decide to cancel your flight. From the date of purchase up to 55 days before the scheduled departure, there are no direct cancellation fees; however, there may be charges for processing a refund. When you cancel between 54 and 45 days before departure, a fee of around 30% of the ticket price will be applied.

As you get closer to your departure date, the fees increase: canceling between 44 and 28 days before the trip incurs a charge of about 40% of the fare. If you need to cancel between 27 and 14 days prior, the fee rises to approximately 50% of the fare. From 13 days before departure until the time of takeoff, you'll be charged around 60% of the fare. If you cancel after the flight's departure time, you're responsible for the full fare. These varied cancellation fees underscore the importance of confirming your travel plans well in advance to avoid incurring high charges.

How to cancel All Nippon Airways reservations?

Canceling an All Nippon reservation can vary depending on how you booked your ticket and the type of booking. Here's how you can proceed:

  • Look at the fare conditions of your ticket to see if it allows cancellations and whether penalties apply.
  • If your reservation can be canceled online, log in to your ANA account and go to your booking to cancel it. However, some types of reservations cannot be canceled online, such as those including upgrades or multiple names.
  • If you can't cancel your reservation online due to the nature of the booking (e.g., reservations made via a travel agency, Mexican website, or involving cash purchases for non-AMC members), call ANA customer service at +1-888-701-6847 for assistance.
  • If you're canceling due to a flight change, delay, or cancellation by ANA, or because of a death in the family or overbooking, be prepared to provide supporting documents like a death certificate.
  • Once your cancellation is processed, ask for confirmation and details about any refund if you're eligible.
  • Make sure to check the terms of your specific ticket and any special conditions that may apply.

What is the All Nippon Airways Refund Policy?

Here's what the ANA refund policy state:

  • Your refund will be the total amount you paid minus any handling fees and taxes, including the Passenger Service Facility Charge.
  • If you've already used part of your ticket, the refund will be the total amount you paid minus the portion of the fare you've used and any applicable taxes and fees.
  • Non-refundable fares cannot be refunded.
  • Handling fees for changes and refunds might be subject to extra tax depending on your country and route.
  • If you request a refund after changing your reservation, the stricter fare rules of the new fare will apply.
  • For EMDs (Electronic Miscellaneous Documents), the refund will be the total amount paid minus any cancellation charges. These charges might also include additional tax, depending on the country and route.
  • If your ticket has specified cancellation and refund fees, you will be charged according to what's stated on your ticket. Cancellation fees can go up to USD 500.
  • Handling fees may be subject to additional taxation depending on your location and route.

What is the cancellation policy for All Nippon Airways business class?

When it comes to canceling your All Nippon Airways business class booking, it's essential to understand the policy to avoid any surprises. Generally, All Nippon Airways offers a flexible cancellation policy for business class tickets, allowing passengers to make changes or cancel their reservations without incurring hefty fees. It's always best to review the specific terms and conditions at the time of booking or contact ANA customer service +1-888-701-6847 for personalized assistance.

As for All Nippon Airways first-class reservations, the cancellation policy tends to mirror that of business class, offering passengers a similar level of flexibility. Whether it's a change in plans or unforeseen circumstances, the airline aims to provide options that accommodate passengers' needs while ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

However, it's worth noting that the cancellation policies may vary based on the type of fare purchased, so it's crucial to review the terms and conditions outlined by All Nippon Airways for your specific ticket. By staying informed and proactive, passengers can navigate changes to their travel itinerary with confidence, knowing that All Nippon Airways prioritizes customer satisfaction and strives to provide solutions tailored to individual needs.

In conclusion, passengers booking with All Nippon Airways should familiarize themselves with the airline's cancellation policy to better manage their travel plans. Being aware of potential fees and restrictions can help travelers plan more effectively and avoid any surprises should they need to cancel a booking. ANA's policy and the support of flyingfarez offers different levels of flexibility depending on the ticket type and how it was booked, making it essential for passengers to review the details of their reservation. By taking the time to understand ANA's cancellation terms, travelers can make more informed choices and enjoy a smoother experience when changes arise.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No, some types of reservations, such as those involving multiple passengers or upgraded flights, require you to contact ANA directly for cancellation.

If you've made changes to your booking and then request a refund, the more restrictive fare rules of the updated ticket will apply.

Yes, handling fees may apply for flight changes and refunds, and these can vary depending on the route and country of travel.

Refunds for EMDs are available, but the amount will be the total paid minus any applicable cancellation charges and taxes.

ANA offers refund eligibility in cases of death in the family, subject to providing necessary documentation like a death certificate.

Depending on your ticket's fare conditions, cancellation fees can reach up to USD 500.

Handling fees for cancellations and changes might be subject to additional tax depending on your route and location.

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