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Philippine Airlines Reservation Policy

Philippine Airlines (PAL) stands tall as the flag carrier of the Philippines, tracing its roots back to 1941, making it Asia's oldest operating commercial airline. With its headquarters nestled in Pasay, PAL holds a pivotal role in connecting the archipelago to the rest of the world. PAL prides itself on not just offering flights but crafting memorable journeys for passengers. Their reservations policy as explained on this page by flyingfarez reflects this commitment to passenger satisfaction, offering flexible rebooking options, discounts for young travelers, and benefits for international students.

How can I book my Philippine Airlines flight bookings?

Booking a flight with Philippine Airlines is a simple process:
  • Start by visiting the Philippine Airlines official website using your preferred web browser.
  • On the homepage, enter your trip details such as the departure city, destination, travel dates, and the number of passengers traveling.
  • Once you've entered your trip details, browse through the available flights that match your criteria. You can use the Calendar Pricing feature to find the best fares over a seven-day range.
  • After reviewing the available options, select the flight that suits your preferences in terms of timing and price.
  • Next, enter the required passenger information for all travelers included in the booking. Make sure to provide accurate details to avoid any issues during check-in.
  • If you wish to choose specific seats for your flight, you can do so during the booking process. Philippine Airlines allows passengers to select seats in advance for a fee.
  • If you're eligible for any discounts, such as the 20% discount for passengers aged 25 and below on domestic flights, make sure to apply them before proceeding to payment.

After successfully completing the booking and payment process, you'll receive a confirmation email containing your flight itinerary and booking details. You can also book your flight with Philippine Airlines by calling +1-888-701-6847 at any hour of the day and you might as well can get exclusive deals on PAL tickets.

What does the Philippine Airlines Reservations policy state?

Philippine Airlines has a customer-friendly reservations policy, outlined below:
  • Passengers can modify their bookings up to 24 hours before the original departure time without incurring any penalties, except for Flex fares which have no flight change fees.
  • PAL's online booking system features Calendar Pricing, making it easy for travelers to find the best fares over a seven-day period surrounding their planned travel date.
  • Passengers aged 25 and below enjoy a 20% discount on regular domestic fares, along with VAT exemption on most domestic fares, excluding specific Economy Supersaver and Economy Saver classes.
  • Students aged 12 to 31 can avail discounts on international flights by presenting valid documentation such as an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), student number, student visa, or Letter of Acceptance from their school.
  • PAL offers the convenience of selecting seats in advance during the online booking process. Passengers can choose from various seating options, including Extra Legroom and Forward Seats, for a fee.
  • Changes to bookings made less than 24 hours before departure may incur penalties, emphasizing the importance of timely adjustments.

PAL reservations policy is designed to provide flexibility and convenience to passengers, ensuring a smooth booking experience and hassle-free travel arrangements.

How many cabin classes are available on Philippine Airlines flights?

Philippine Airlines offers a diverse range of cabin classes to accommodate the varied preferences and needs of its passengers. Travelers can choose from four distinct cabin classes: Economy, Premium Economy, Comfort Class, and Business Class. In Economy Class, passengers can expect comfort and convenience with adjustable seat bottom cushions and personal touch-screen entertainment systems. Premium Economy provides travelers with added comfort for longer flights, featuring plush seats with extra legroom and recline, all within an exclusive cabin environment.

Comfort Class passengers enjoy priority treatment with dedicated check-in counters and access to PAL-owned lounges, where they can unwind before their journey with complimentary amenities. Finally, Business Class offers the ultimate in luxury and comfort, with fully adjustable seats, personal entertainment systems, and premium amenities designed to enhance the travel experience. Whether passengers are seeking affordability, extra comfort, priority treatment, or luxurious accommodations, Philippine Airlines ensures that every traveler finds the perfect cabin class to suit their needs and preferences.

How much baggage is allowed for my Philippine Airlines flights?

For your flights, the PAL baggage allowances vary depending on your destination and class of travel. In general, for carry-on luggage, passengers are allowed one bag plus one personal item. The maximum dimensions for carry-on luggage are 45 inches/115 centimeters, with a weight limit of 15 pounds/7 kilograms. Additionally, passengers can bring essential items onboard, including laptops, small handbags, coats, wraps, and more. Checked baggage allowances differ for flights to/from the USA (except Hawaii), Canada, and Guam, where a piece system is in place.

Passengers are allowed 2 pieces of luggage, each with maximum dimensions of 62 inches/158 centimeters and a weight limit of 50 pounds/23 kilograms per piece. However, in Fiesta (Economy) Class, the total combined dimensions for both pieces should not exceed 107 inches/273 centimeters, with no single piece exceeding 62 inches/158 centimeters. For infants paying at least 10% of the adult fare, one piece of checked baggage weighing 15 pounds/7 kilograms is allowed, along with a fully collapsible child's stroller or pushchair. PAL Baggage policy ensures travelers can pack efficiently and comfortably for their journey.

Is it wise to book seats for Philippine Airlines business class?

Deciding whether to book seats in Philippine Airlines business class requires thoughtful consideration of various factors. Business class offers numerous perks, including more spacious seating, enhanced meal options, priority boarding, and dedicated service. If you prioritize comfort, personalized attention, and amenities, booking business class may be a wise choice.

On the other hand, if your travel needs and preferences align more closely with first class, it might be worth exploring those options. Philippine Airlines First class typically offers additional luxuries such as larger seats, gourmet dining experiences, exclusive lounges, and enhanced entertainment systems. If these amenities resonate with your travel style and budget, booking first class could enhance your journey and leave you feeling pampered and refreshed upon arrival.

Ultimately, the decision to book seats in Philippine Airlines business class or first class depends on your priorities, budget, and the nature of your trip. It's essential to weigh the benefits and costs against your personal preferences and travel objectives. You can call +1-888-701-6847 to get detailed info on each cabin class.

Philippine Airlines embodies more than just a mode of transportation; it represents a gateway to unforgettable experiences and seamless travel. With a robust reservations policy designed to cater to various passenger needs, PAL at flyingfarez ensures that every journey is not just a flight but a journey filled with convenience and flexibility. Whether it's offering discounts to young travelers or providing benefits to international students, PAL goes the extra mile to make air travel accessible and enjoyable for all.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, passengers with Economy Flex and Business Flex fares enjoy no flight change fees as per PAL's policy.

Yes, students aged 12 to 31 can avail discounts by presenting valid documentation such as an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) or a Letter of Acceptance from their school.

Flex fares offer flexibility with no flight change fees, providing passengers with peace of mind and convenience.

Passengers aged 25 years old and below are entitled to a 20% discount on regular domestic fares with Philippine Airlines.

Yes, passengers have the option to select their seats in advance, including Extra Legroom and Forward Seats, for a fee.

Selected Economy Supersaver and Economy Saver classes (K/E/T/U/O BCCs) are exempt from VAT on domestic fares.

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